Low XM But More Power Cubes

If you have played Ingress lately, you’ve probably noticed that there is a lot less XM around than usual. For those of you that “just play the game” this may seem unusual.

What is going on with less XM in Ingress is that the story part of the game, that you get if you actually watch those Media items, or if you read the emails or otherwise follow along, is that there is currently an Obsidian Shield creating a worldwide shortage of XM.

The latest update is that some guys did some thing, and now there will be more Power Cubes in Ingress when you are hacking portals.

So, the good news is that at least you can use Power Cubes to refill your XM reserves, even if walking around (or driving to fill XM) isn’t really working like it used to.

What happens next?

ingress power cubes increase

Who knows. It seems that some people, including the folks who make Ingress, really like the whole story and mythology part of the game. For them, these little wrinkles are fun. For those who are just trying to play “normal” Ingress, you can consider them special events that you just have to deal with like they were actually part of the game.

Strategies for dealing with lower XM amounts are now less necessary, so long as you keep hacking and getting those power cubes.

For some of us, we somehow end up stockpiling them without trying very hard, and it’s been nice to have a need to use them other than just burning through them in order to manage Ingress item inventory limits.

If you are the kind of person who already has a lot of Power Cubes, you’ll want to watch your inventory so that this extra high hacking of Power Cubes doesn’t fill up your inventory, especially when hacking lower level portals and Power Cubes.