Ingress Game

Alright, I don’t really NEED another blog, or anything, but there are already four or five posts about Ingress on my personal Brian Nelson blog, and I don’t want people getting the idea that that’s all I do. Of course, it’s better than going weeks between posts, but one anxiety at a time, here skippy.

So, the solution for any self respecting writer, is to come up with another place to write stuff. I like because it’s free and if I abandon this whole thing later it won’t matter, and I won’t have wasted any money or time setting anything up. If it turns out this whole Ingress thing is pure gold, then I can buy a domain name and move the blog and everything, or maybe I’ll try the pro version of WordPress. As an added bonus, by playing Ingress and joining the resistance, I have finally grasped the concept that “resistance” is spelled with an “a” instead of making spellcheck always fix it. Ironically, I keep adding an “x” or something in the middle just make sure spell check is working since I’m used to that word coming out wrong about half the time.

Anywho… let’s get started with some backlinking. First, so as to not waste the stuff I already wrote over at my other blog, here are some links. First up, my first post about playing Ingress in Denver. Turns out, I may have had it easier than some since I live a few blocks from Cherry Creek North, and there are twelve portals within a stone’s throw of the local Starbucks. Got plenty of hacks, then someone came through and left a bunch of unclaimed portals and I leveled up to 5 pretty fast by filling them out and then linking them and sort of creating control fields via the luck of the draw. Next, is my post about some guy who keeps attacking (but not finishing off) one of my portals, seemingly while waiting for the light to turn green at a nearby street corner.

Ingress Resistance Graphic Icon

OK, I guess that’s only two articles, not four, but if I wrote one more that would be three, and then… well, you get the idea.

What’s next for my Ingress play?

Not 100% sure. I’m less than 50,000 AP (XP in every other game on the planet) from Level 6. When I reach that, I’m going to treat myself to attacking a local apartment complex that somehow got setup as a portal and links out to several large Greenie control fields.

Then, who knows.

Maybe I’ll finally fill out the application to join the Denver Resistance Google+ page thing. Maybe I’ll actually look at a map and try and make some nice big control fields instead of going at random with links.

Maybe, I’ll try and capture every portal reachable from a Starbucks in a 10 mile radius. Maybe, I’ll walk through campus and try and capture everything. Maybe, I’ll get some more work done 🙂 Either way, it will be legen – wait for it – dary. (Yeah, that doesn’t really work in print/type, does it?)

We will see.