Ingress Lag Getting Awful

Ingress has never been known as the speediest of games. In all fairness, a lot of people play Ingress simultaneously from all over the world. Keeping it running is an impressive feet. Still, sometimes, it seems like Niantic puts exactly ZERO EFFORT into speeding the game up or making it more efficient so that all that traffic can be handled. Instead, developers seem hell bent on adding more bandwidth hogging animations or cosmetic interface changes. These days, deploying a portal can take 90 seconds or longer. Worse, sometimes, the game will just animate while doing nothing. And, yet again, it seems in version 1.72.1 that not only was no effort made at making the game faster and more playable, but it seems slower than ever.

Why you no want people to enjoy playing your game?

scumbag steve ingress


5 thoughts on “Ingress Lag Getting Awful

  1. Yea … Endgame can’t be helping the lag either …

    Personally, I don’t feel for a company like google – keeping servers running around the world would be a hard thing to do … the infrastructure is already there. More a matter of scaling the delivery protocols to match how much bandwidth their customers get.

    Are you playing in new areas at all too? When I lagged, it was just certain cities or states for a period of time. I tested it on several people’s phones using various carriers…I swear sprint was throttling my game traffic for that area too.

  2. I know what ya mean!. My issue is the resonator lag and glyph hacking. I will have full bars of 4g and will many times not be able to glyph hack. Soon as I start the hack all incoming and outgoing status on my 4g icon stops. Just stays at a stand still. Pisses me off

  3. I don’t think the animations make a difference to bandwidth. They are running on your phone, not streaming in from Niantic’s servers.
    Most of my lag seems to be from my phone network. I have super lag most of the time in certain places, but there are other places I almost never experience lag.

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