Ingress High Level Requirements 9 – 16

There are other places online that have the requirements for Ingress levels table, but I’m tired of searching for it, so I’m putting it here. However, if you are just looking for the requirements for the next higher Ingress level you want to get to, they are in your scanner near the top of your Agent tab.

Update: Thanks to the new Ingress badges recently released, attaining higher levels, especially Level 14, Level 15, and Level 16 is easier than ever. 

next ingress level requirments

In this case, I need one more Gold Badge to be Level 11 in Ingress for a total of six silver badges and four gold badges. Note that there is a semi-confusing issue here with how the badges are counted. Each level of badge is counted cumulatively. For example, I have a Gold Mind Controller badge. That means that I have also earned a Bronze Mind Controller Badge and a Silver Mind Controller badge along the way. This is important because when you are counting Gold badges, for example, you need to know that those badges also count as Silver badges. The badge counts do not continue above the number required. So, even though I have more than 6 silver badges, the display does not bother with them once the requirement of six is met.

For those of you who are particularly detail oriented, you may have noticed that I’m just 34 unique hacks away from my fourth gold badge and Level 11. You may have also noticed that I have WAY more AP than is required for Level 11. From speaking with other agents, this is a common phenomenon, particularly among those of us who played the game before the badges were really used for anything.

Ingress Level Requirements Table 9 – 16

Level AP Req Silver Gold Platinum Black
L9 2,400,000 4 1 0 0
L10 4,000,000 5 2 0 0
L11 6,000,000 6 4 0 0
L12 8,400,000 7 6 0 0
L13 12,000,000 n/a 7 1 0
L14 17,000,000 n/a n/a 2 0
L15 24,000,000 n/a n/a 3 0
L16 40,000,000 n/a n/a 4 2

As for what you get for being a higher level, the answer is, basically nothing as far as your everyday game play is concerned. Officially, you get a longer range for recharging portals (and a higher percentage of recharge for portals that are far away but still within range for lower levels). You also get a higher maximum XM capacity. However, there are no items above L8, including power cubes, so really the higher maximum is usable just once, until you start playing, and then, you’ll have to re-collect up XM to the maximum. Assuming that XM was around to collect in the first place, then you could have just filled up to your old maximum, deployed, attacked, built, recharged, or whatever, and then collected more XM as you played, making the max XM a minimal advantage.

I find that the only way it really comes into play for most players, including myself, is that if you leave your scanner on as you drive around, it will collect XM as you move around. Do not try and actually play while driving. However, there is nothing wrong with turning your scanner on and then leaving it running as you drive. You may have to make your time to sleep or screen saver longer to take full advantage of this technique. Depending upon where you live, how dense the portals are, and how far you drive, you can get full-up with XM on your way to wherever you are going. At a higher level, this is an advantage to have a bigger XM bank to start with, but again, it isn’t really that big of deal, especially if you have a few power cubes in inventory.


29 thoughts on “Ingress High Level Requirements 9 – 16

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  2. For the liberator badge is this capturing any portal be it enemy or grey or actually destroying an enemy portal then capturing it?


  3. Nice article. Your numbers on that day are amazingly close to mine now. Today is 10/25/14. It is the 3 month anniversary of playing Ingress. I am level 10. Just over 10 million AP. And my Unique Hack is at 1969. Tomorrow I am heading to a place in Phoenix that has about 50 portals to get me the Gold and level 11. I love this game!!! Level 12 only waiting for 5000 each links and caps. About 1000 more each. Thanks for sharing. Go Smurfs. !!!

    • Most of the people in the agents that are playing that have reached level 16 tend to become mentors and organizers for anomalies and local objectives.
      Some of the level 16 that get bored leave and then others will switch factions and work up the other side for level 16. I just reached level 14 last night and I know it’s going to take me a long time to get to 15. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it two level 16!

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  5. Question – I am almost a level 9 however, I am one silver badge short. I have been creating links to accomplish this however, either the count seems to a very slow lag time registering in my count or, I don’t get credit for portals I have previously linked together. Any advice?

    • The lag in stats is, unfortunately, a known and real thing. I’ve missed screenshots because I thought I was still 18 hacks away from something, only to have the award pop-up and my hacks count be way above the threshold. Keep linking and trust that they’ll show up eventually.

  6. I use “Ingress Wakelock” to keep my scanner from sleeping on Android. It’s perfect for when you’re plugged in and driving for XM.

  7. Another trick to keep your scanner going is to longpress on the scanner and select navigate. When you do this, the scanner will stay on permanently. Be sure to select a spot to where you are not going, so you’ll never reach your destination.

  8. The real advantage of greater XM capacity is when you get in a tough real-time battle for a portal – say if you are hitting it and someone else is recharging it – fewer breaks to recharge with cubes gives you quite an edge.

      • Those few seconds are all you need in tough battles!

        Also, since reaching Lvl10 I’ve noticed I can generally take down and redeploy a moderate level portal (P5 with maybe a shield or two and some links) just with the XM I’m able to hold, without using a power cube to recharge, whereas at Lvl8 I often had to use one – so that’s saving me lots of power cubes for serious actions and recharging.

  9. Once a badge changes to the next level, does credit for meeting the badge requirements reset? For example, if I have 5 silvers and one gold and one to the silvers turns to gold (for a new total of 4 silvers and 2 golds) do I need a “new” fifth silver to get to Level 10 (assuming I have enough AP)?

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  11. I got the onyx Guardian on my first try. I used IITC’s “idle portals” feature to find a small town within a couple hours’ drive where there were quite a few long-abandoned portals, which I took as a sign that nobody was playing there. One Sunday I took a road trip and capped about a dozen portals scattered around the area, put a single resonator and a shield or two on each, and collected their keys. They were easy to find in my inventory as they were the most distant ones I had. Every morning, I recharged. This began during the rapid-decay “virus outbreak,” so I was accustomed to a need for frequent recharging.

    They didn’t all survive, as once in awhile an enemy player would blow through town and wipe some out, but I got four of them well past the onyx level – something like 230 days – before an injury curtailed my Ingressing for awhile. About a week went by, and the last of my guardians was gone. It didn’t much matter at the time, but I’ll be miffed if someday they come out with more badge levels and I need a diamond badge for level 17!

    The key, I think, is picking out-of-the-way portals and keeping a low profile. Don’t call attention to your guardians by linking them up – don’t even fill up the resonator slots. Get several of them and spread them out over a wide area. And of course, get in the habit of recharging them daily. They won’t decay overnight, but if you make it part of your daily routine to recharge them, you’re less likely to forget.

    One more tip: it wouldn’t hurt to get extra keys and give them to a trusted friend who can recharge them for you if you are incapacitated or indisposed for awhile. It would be a shame to have a busted phone ruin your plans.

    • Rick, you do know that if they just decayed (rather than captured) and you go and redeploy then the guardian counter continues – might be worth checking those and revisiting, you could find you have a 600+ day guardian!

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  13. If you don’t understand the tactical advantage that more XM offers with defense and attacking (not needing to recharge as ofyen, thus having the ability to recharge or fire with less interruption) you shouldn’t pronounce the higher levels added XM as being minimal. Additionally your advice to just drive around and not play in order to gather CM tells me you need to put the bong down.

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