Ingress Badges

Badges? Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

Ok, so one of the things that Ingress has for you to achieve, besides just leveling up, are various badges you can earn. Various Ingress badges have different names and mechanisms for achieving them. Once you get the badge, you can earn higher versions of each badge. Before you earn the badge, your agent screen just displays a lock. There used to only be nine Ingress badges, but when I looked at my agent screen today (to see how much more AP I need to get to Level 8) I noticed that there are ten badge spots now, the final one is MORE and it shows the extra badges when pressed.

Here’s a screen shot from when I was Level 6, when there were only 9 total badges.

ingress badges screenshot

Old badges screen on Ingress


You see the locks are things I haven’t earned yet. The fist badge is the Guardian badge which you earn for holding a portal for more than 3 days. That particular version is the one for holding a portal for 10 days. There are others for 20 days, 90 days, and 150 days. Pretty much all the badges work this way. You can click on any of the badges (including the locks) to show what they are and how much you need to earn them.

Types of Ingress Badges

There are 10 badges now, as of January 10th, 2014, with a MORE button to show the extra badges. Here is a list of types of Ingress badges and the minimums needed to earn them.

  • Founders – Reach Level 5 before mid-December
  • Guardian – Hold a portal for at least three days
  • Hacker – Hack at least 2000 portals
  • Builder – Deploy at least 2000 resonators
  • Connector – Link at least 50 portals
  • Explorer – Visit and hack at least 100 distinct portals
  • Purifier – Destroy at least 2000 enemy resonators
  • Seer – Submit 10 new portals that are accepted.

New Ingress Badges

The two newest Ingress badges are Liberator – Capture at least 100 portals, and Pioneer – Capture at least 20 distinct portals.

Ironically, I still don’t have two of the original Ingress badges (Purifier and Seer) but I already qualified for the first level of both Liberator and Pioneer before I even knew they existed. Here’s a shot of my Agent panel today. Just about 160,000 to go for Level 8!

newest ingress badges picture

Here are my current badges.

Supposedly, the developers of Ingress have several updates in the works, including the possibility of higher levels beyond Level 8, which is currently the maximum. Since some agents already have 20 million AP, or more, they would presumably qualify for higher levels immediately, unless the way leveling up is going to change for higher levels as well.

Either way, it’s nice to see the game is still moving forward.


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