Why You Should Recharge Other Player’s Portals – Ingress

When I first started playing Ingress, I learned that the one thing you want to do is level up fast in Ingress. Anyone of any level can hack a portal and get some equipment. Each hack is worth some AP, which helps you level up. Then, you find empty portals and build them out. Fully building out a portal is worth a lot of AP. You get 125 AP for each resonator you deploy (8 x 125 = 1,000 AP), then you get a bonus for fully filling in the portal, and you can get another 313 AP for every link you build. Plus, your name goes where it says “Owner” of the portal, which is cool too.

Higher level players will often go through and area and attack the other team’s portals. Often, they’ll leave behind one or two fully loaded portals that they used to build links and control fields. Then, they’ll leave other portals behind either empty, (so newer players can use the above technique to level up faster). Sometimes, they’ll leave behind a portal with just one or two high-level resonators in them. If it isn’t their home area, these portals will decay over time and eventually revert to empty.

How Recharging Team Portals Helps You


Recharge those high-level resonators now! Then, drop your highest level resonator in that empty slot and upgrade that Level 3 if you can. Voila! High level goodies all day long from hacking this portal.

My initial conclusion upon figuring out the above was that it benefited me more to let other player’s portals decay away to blank so that I could “own” them and fill them all the way out. After all, I don’t really care about who is winning the worldwide score and that is the only way someone else having a control field benefits me. And, since this is my backyard, and I’ll be doing all the work, shouldn’t I be getting all the credit?

Unfortunately, this is rather short-sighted.

First, higher level resonators are harder to destroy, so every Level 7 or Level 8 resonator on a portal makes for better portal defense, especially if those opponents are Level 8 players. That isn’t to say they can’t be destroyed, but it can be the difference between a Level 8 player marching through your entire area and destroying every single portal, and just a few areas getting hammered before they move on.

Secondly, and more importantly, is that higher level equipment comes from higher level portals.

Hey, check out my articles about credit karma here.

To encourage the “social” aspect of the game, each player is limited to how many of each level of resonator he or she can put on a portal. So, for example, as I write this, I am a Level 6 player. The best portal I can build is one with the following configuration:

  • 2 Level 6 Resonators
  • 2 Level 5 Resonators
  • 4 Level 4 Resonators

That adds up to a Level 4 portal. It also means that I don’t get high level XMP Blasters or Resonators as often from hacking this portal versus higher level portals. This really matters at Level 5 and 6 because I can attack a Level 8 portal with defenses and as long as I’m close and using Level 6 XMP blasters I can almost always win this battle, even if it takes a power cube or two. However, this gets harder with Level 5 blasters and uses up severl power cubes. Worse, if the player is active and notices the alert, he/she can remotely recharge the portal as fast (faster?) than I can take it down. That wastes a lot of blasters and power cubes for nothing.

However, if I find a portal with a couple of Level 7 resonators on it, and I keep those charged up, then I can have a portal like this:

  • 2 Level 7 Resonators
  • 2 Level 6 Resonators
  • 2 Level 5 Resonators
  • 2 Level 4 Resonators

That’s a higher level portal and it will give higher-level stuff more often. If this is in my backyard, then I can get better stuff more frequently, and then I can take down those enemy portals that are bugging me without draining all my cubes and resonators.

Well, now, who cares whose name is on the portal? Isn’t what the portal can do for you more important?

So, when you find portals with high level resonators in your home area, nurture those portals. Use the XM laying around to recharge them every time you go by. If you’re lucky, those portals will stay there for a long time generating high-level stuff for you to use as you level up. When someone takes them down, rebuild and fill them out, but keep those high ones around for as long as you can.

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Recharge Other Player’s Portals – Ingress

  1. Similarly, it benefits you and other local players in your faction when you drop upgrades on any lower-level portals you find. Hoarding high-level resonators isn’t useful, but using them to increase the level on a portal sure is.

  2. Another reason to put a few res on it and leave the rest blank is that at some points we wind up with not enough lower level res. When living in an area with a lot of players the portals are level 6-8 and we cannot access the lower levels res. I just started putting an 8 & 7 on it and leaving it for someone else to fill in the rest, especially good for a lower level player. Then as others come along they can upgrade to 8s an 7s. Second if you fully res it is open to linking by other players, and poor linking by newbies. If a portal is only partially res it cannot be linked to. Lastly, the newbie low level players cannot kill that portal easily so the portal is not up for easy flipping back and forth. It’s a placeholder for the team.

    • Glyph hack a blank portal. It’ll give you multiple 1’s. Then use math to create a lvl 2/3/4/5 portal, as necessary, through a combination of resos. Total number / 8 = portal level. 🙂

      I do agree with the rest, and some of them I never thought of. Great points.

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